How is UKATA progressing in the asbestos world?


How is UKATA progressing in the asbestos world?

The United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association (UKATA) Annual General Meeting(AGM), guest speaker seminars followed by the 1stUKATA awards were held at the Radisson Blu in the East Midlands on 6thJuly 2018.

A diverse mix of businesses, guest speakers and the UKATA board came together to reflect on the past year. During the evening until the early hours we celebrated successes of those in the challenging asbestos world.

“Coming together in an often silent industry to support and applaud is tremendous”

Gemma Victoria Voaden, UKATA and All Survey director

Key points from the 10thUKATA AGM:

  • The Asbestos Leadership Group (ALG) has invited UKATA to attend meetings as a guest. UKATA members will benefit from swift information and actions discussed during the ALG meetings to help the asbestos industry come together in the battle against the deadly mineral.
  • CITB has asked UKATA to work with them on the asbestos training courses regarding awareness, non-licensed and licenced works.
  • Non-licensed removal membership has increased. Online asbestos awareness has shown a slight decline.
  • Excitingly 3 new members of staff have joined UKATA, all of whom are apprentices.
  • New UKATA website will be released in 3 stages:
    • Phase 1, due imminently, will allow easier navigation and increased information.
    • Phase 2 will see the integration of the certificate generator, meaning that 1 website and login will give full access.
    • Phase 3 will allow members to better advertise the courses they provide.
  • Jacqui has been re-elected as a director for a further 2 years. and 2 new directors have been elected following their pen portraits to join the UKATA board.

Chairmans closing remarks:

  • Having carried out a business risk assessment, and to ensure the security of the associations risk in the future Craig will succeed into a new role as Chief Operating Office. Craig has developed processes and procedures, that have propelled UKATA forward and offering him this challenge will ensure sustainability and a driving force for the future.
  • Protect the brand, report those misusing, including 3rd partly resellers.

Samantha Lord of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

HSL research presented by the Health & safety executive (HSE)

Samantha Lord of the HSE opened with interesting facts about when Uruguay banned the mineral and the french regulations surrounding Amiante as asbestos is known in France. Samantha attended to showcase how well the Health & Safety Laboratories (HSL) research named “exposures and work practices in the licensed asbestos removal industry”has progressed. The research is ongoing, but has already highlighted improvements to be implemented and led to the production of a new in mask monitor device.

Roger’s 40 year anniversary in the asbestos industry

Guest speak Roger Willey, presented his plotted history, named “A little journey”. His Asbestos journey started in 1977 analysing. In 1987 he researched the protection factor of masks produced for the standard British head. He has claim to the first ever remediation of land badly contaminated with asbestos in the UK. He found he was very good at measuring the unmeasurable using X-ray diffraction and light microscopy. He set up the ACS risk group. He has been on the UKATA board almost the full 10 years, but is observing his 40 year anniversary in the asbestos industry. He noted that his coal mining family all died in their 50's and he has acted as expert witness in 664 cases.

The 1st UKATA awards

UKATA awards 2018 winners

Kriss Akabusi hosted and entertained the 1stUKATA awards; reminiscing about his triumphs as an athlete. A charity silent auction proved popular with many pieces of art leaving the hotel with new owners. The presentation of the glass trophies symbolised those excelling and leading the asbestos industry here in the UK and the night truly allowed celebration of that fact. Next year’s awards are in the pipeline and should encourage others to follow in the footsteps of this year’s winners.


How much do you know about Asbestos?

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