Asbestos Services



Asbestos was traditionally advertised as the “magic mineral”. Raw asbestos fibres are as soft as silk, but can be made into products as hard as granite. Asbestos is fire resistant up to 800oc and has therefore been commonly used as an insulating material and to protect against fire and corrosion. As such it is found in many different materials used in construction and refurbishment. However, asbestos fibres, if airborne, pose a big risk of causing fatal asbestos-related lung diseases.


Some of the materials asbestos can be found in include: ceiling tiles, insulated pipework, textured coatings, corrugated cement sheets, floor tiles and loose fill insulation. 


Our Surveyors are IPAF trained to operate MEWP’s

Asbestos Surveys

  • 46We carry out asbestos surveys using fully qualified, experienced surveyors. An asbestos management survey is to check for any asbestos that is present, its condition, and to ensure that it has not been disturbed or moved, particularly as a result of building degradation.We make recommendations for any asbestos found, from removal or encapsulation to labelling and managing in place. For some buildings we recommend a simple annual review to ensure best protection and safety practices.


  • We also carry out refurbishment and demolition surveys for asbestos. If asbestos is disturbed, or not removed in a safe manner, it is potentially lethal. This type of report incorporates in-depth exploration and core sampling throughout the building or area(s) due to have works carried out.


During an asbestos survey we will inspect and assess the property and we will take samples for testing and analysis. We will provide you with a full report and advice on what action you may need to take, including ongoing asbestos management, which is a service we offer.

Why Do You Need an Asbestos Survey?

  • 10It is the law under Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations. Failure to comply can result in a significant fine or imprisonment.


  • It is a crucial means of protecting people, whether employees, colleagues, visitors, friends or family.


  • You must have an asbestos register in place at all times if you own, or are responsible for, a non-domestic property built before 2000 – the asbestos survey is essential for completing an asbestos register.

Asbestos Management

39We can help you make sure that you are compliant with current HSE legislation. An asbestos register is a legal requirement and we will work with you to have this in place and up to date.Our comprehensive asbestos management service includes:


  • Your asbestos register for your property – a working document to be updated as and when required.


  • A Priority and Material risk assessment.


  • A colour coded sample location plan.


  • An asbestos management plan including planned return visits to update your register – you must keep this up to date by law.


  • Continual support and advice.

Protect your people and your property from asbestos threat. Contact All Survey for a no-obligation quote.