Oct 10 2017

EVAs at the Pavilion

Blackpool experienced it’s 7th Enterprise Vision Awards on Friday 29th September 2017.


The prestigious female focused EVAs created by Pink Link’s Coral Horn hit a bump in the road or should we say a fall from above. The 650-guest event uprooted from the Winter Gardens Ball Room to the Pavilion as the ceiling began displaying cracks just 2 weeks before the big night.

Not to get too into the asbestos world, but the Winter Gardens has identified asbestos elsewhere in the property and so the ballroom ceiling must be taken with great care, hence it’s closure. Never miss a moment to educate!


The ceiling came down in the Ballroom


In true Coral style the EVA’s as always was a huge success. She took the mountain of issues with venue change and turned it in to an opportunity to change it up. We were treated to a video during the evening storytelling of her journey.


All Survey at the EVAs


Walking through the doors of the Winter Gardens, you absolutely knew the night ahead would be fantastic. We walked down the red carpet and immediately enjoyed the Fire Brigade choir, this year’s chosen charity.


A fun roulette game later and we arrived at the VIP lounge complete with grand piano. With photo shoot finished it was time for the main event.


The Pavilion was spectacular with the dance floor turned into a podium stage and flat screen monitors around the venue to ensure everyone was incorporated into the atmosphere. Beautiful flowers on the tables and the signature pink chair covers.


The host for the evening, Rebecca Jane of The Lady Detective Agency dressed in a spectacular red gown and sparkly clip board kept the evening agenda flowing. The 3-course meal ended with an experimental dessert including blue candyfloss and a mini “Guinness” choc pot. Much hilarity was created by the female comedian Allyson Smith and remembrance and solidarity generated by the Fire Fighters Charity Choir. We made good use of the Photo Booth, amazing how much fun wearing silly glasses and hats can be, they say laughing burns calories and after eating that dessert I needed all the help I could get!


It was a humbling and emotional experience having won an EVA in 2016; to then interview finalists this year to learn what lies beneath in their business journeys, to finish with the winners and highly commended ladies up on stage receiving their trophies, accompanied by the “Milk Tray Man”.


And the winner is…


We truly believe that through education and communication the accidental release of asbestos fibres will be seriously reduced. With the aim of eradicating those times when ACM’s (asbestos containing materials) are unintentionally disturbed by people carrying out their jobs, simply unaware that asbestos is still a very real and very dangerous issue.

All Survey with EVAs winner

Hence, sponsoring the Training and Coaching category. Melanie, the winner of our category, is outstanding in her delivery to students, her enthusiasm and encouragement empowering her students to enter the film, TV and fashion sectors to become make-up and special effects artists.


The aim of the Enterprise Vision Awards is to recognise women in business from across the North West and they certainly do!


We can’t wait to be involved in the EVAs 2018


Did you know that ferrets and rabbits cannot be homed in the same building? Well I didn’t before meeting small animal hotel owner Danielle. Learn more by visiting http://www.thesmallanimalhotel.com


Do you know how to fit your child’s car seat properly? Julie and Claire of Child Seat Safety Ltd are Road Safety Great Britain’s national advisors for child car seats & run the UK’s first & only IOSH accredited car seat fitting course. Visit http://childseatsafety.co.uk to learn more.


These are just 2 of the diverse female run businesses that were part of this year’s EVAs. You too can experience all this and much more if you choose to come along for the EVAs 2018 journey. See you on the red carpet!


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