Jun 26 2017

Can you be sure that your property doesn’t contain Asbestos?

Our next two blogs tell the story of two nurseries. One establishment was completely unaware of the presence of Asbestos – the other knew the risk they faced. This cautionary tale proves the value of having an assessment carried out – even if you genuinely believe that your property is safe.


‘There’s no Asbestos here’


The owner of this establishment was adamant. Despite not having a professional assessment completed, they were sure that no Asbestos was present – and that the deadly risk it posed wasn’t an issue either.


Yet Asbestos isn’t always easy to identify. Even in newer buildings (Asbestos was not banned in the UK until 1999) it can still be found lurking in roof and wall cavities, doors, tiling and cladding. The risk it poses however is much clearer. Mesothelioma, the deadly cancer Asbestos causes, kills more people year on year in the UK, as businesses and homeowners fail to realise that they live and work in the presence of a hidden killer.


Asbestos – everywhere


Even upon initial entry to the first boiler room we opened the door to find an old ‘Encapsulated Asbestos’ sticker. The door didn’t lock – or even shut properly. The walls, ceilings and all pipe lagging were comprised of Amosite and Chrysotile Asbestos. Debris littered the floor in large quantities, surrounding the walls and covering the piping, generated from a large hole bashed into the asbestos ceiling.


The second boiler room did have a working door – but the same issues were present throughout the space. Broken, un-encapsulated Asbestos boarding everywhere – with deadly debris covering the floor and fixtures.


Within the building itself Asbestos was also present throughout. Several floors incorporated Asbestos floor tiles, an Asbestos sink pad sat beneath the kitchen sink – even the ladies toilet wasn’t safe from the silent killer. But ‘no Asbestos here’…


Asbestos removal needn’t cost the earth – but ignorance costs lives


The human cost of Asbestos – the lives it claims – naturally outweigh the financial implications of safely managing or removing it. However, many businesses understandably dread the thought of shelling out money for an unexpected outlay.


Given the amount of Asbestos we found within this establishment, you’d expect our removal bill to be pretty large. It must have taken tens of thousands of pounds to sort that out – right? But in actual fact it cost just a fraction of that to make the whole property safe. That included all damage environmentally cleaned up, the broken boarding fixed or removed, damaged tiles replaced and removed. The sink pad was removed – leaving the sink itself intact. All Asbestos present had been either removed or contained and is now in a safe manageable condition. This proves that Asbestos doesn’t have to break the bank – or claim any more lives.


As Asbestos needlessly continues to claim more than 5,500 lives a year in the UK, isn’t it time you investigated your property and booked in a professional Asbestos assessment? Speak to us today on 0161 628 2555 about our comprehensive containment and removal services.



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