Jun 26 2017

Your Asbestos issue may not be as extensive (or as costly) as you think

This month we tell the tale of two nurseries – and following our previous blog detailing the experience of a nursery with no knowledge of the danger it faced, we share a slightly different story – but one with a similar (and important) message.


Help us remove or contain our Asbestos


This nursery contacted us for a condition assessment and to obtain a management plan, to weigh up the pros and cons of containment and removal. They were fully aware that the property contained Asbestos – lots of it – and wanted to make sure that it was professionally managed and maintained. A previous report conducted by another company indicated that every wall and roof contained Asbestos – so we expected to be faced with a rather large clean up operation.


Little or no Asbestos risk


Upon arrival it was clear to see that half the rear building was in fact not made from Asbestos at all – but from corrugated metal. The roof was manufactured and fitted in 2006 – stamped ‘NT’ for New Technology – and Asbestos-free. Then we did find Asbestos – in the front garage and storeroom. This was blue Asbestos – the nastiest kind – but surprisingly, none of it needed to be removed. It was all painted or boarded over, therefore fully sealed, maintained and contained. A pleasant surprise for us – and for the owners, who had feared the worst.


A significant difference


The cost of removing the Asbestos (as was previously advised) would be over £25,000 – including the cost of new cladding and walls. Yet our solution was much more palatable financially – just annual repainting costs, and annual management checks.


Asbestos needn’t be a deadly risk – or an expensive issue


Asbestos that is known to be present and appropriately looked after doesn’t cause any problems. If you are aware of it and protect, seal and manage it, it cannot release deadly fibres into the air. Nobody suffers, and nobody dies as a result of its presence. The story is very different for property owners who ignore Asbestos. If Asbestos is ignored, covered up or unmarked it poses a serious risk to the health of your staff and visitors. Over time it degrades and suffers damage and disturbance – causing lethal debris and particles to unintentionally be released. The potential death toll in these cases is very high. In this case when Asbestos was banned the danger it posed was quickly contained and removed, whilst the rest of the building remained the same.


Manage, maintain, contain


Looking at the image above, can you identify which tiles contain Asbestos? Their similarity in appearance demonstrates that it’s very difficult to know if Asbestos is present – especially if it is unmarked. This is why it’s always best to ask for a professional assessment – to ensure that your building is Asbestos free, or Asbestos safe. It’s crucial to ask for help even if you know Asbestos is present, as not all situations will be as described above. Some will be the opposite – where the establishment believes Asbestos is no longer an issue, only to discover that it has not been contained and made safe as they first thought. Always be safe, not sorry. Get in touch for an evaluation today on 0161 628 2555.


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