You must have a Legionella risk assessment of all temperature controlled water systems as the designated responsible person of a commercial or domestic property. All man-made water systems can provide an environment for legionella.


If anyone inhales small droplets of contaminated water known as aerosols containing legionella bacteria, they can contract Legionnaires’ disease, a potentially fatal form of pneumonia.


Our risk assessment involves a full site survey and can include the following:


  • hot and cold water systems including boilers
  • air conditioning systems
  • cooling systems
  • pipework
  • showers
  • spas and hot tubs.


We will produce a full report and recommendations based on our survey, including remedial and preventative action and a monitoring schedule for water hygiene and water temperature.


You will receive an asset register and all the required documentation. We can provide full aftercare support to ensure that you can protect your site from legionella.

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Are you safe from Legionella? To protect yourself, your people and your sites, contact All Survey.